Auto Repair in San Diego

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All-Inclusive Automotive Repair in San Diego

Air Conditioning

Nothing can derail a comfortable and enjoyable ride like an air conditioning problem – especially on a California summer day. Our comprehensive air conditioning service is designed to ensure you stay cool on the road. Our skilled auto repair technicians are experienced in diagnosing and repairing a wide range of air conditioning issues to keep your system running efficiently. Common issues we often encounter at our San Diego auto air conditioning service include refrigerant leaks, compressor malfunctions, electrical problems, and worn-out components.

Our diagnostic process involves a thorough inspection of the entire AC system, including checking refrigerant levels, testing compressor operation, inspecting belts and hoses, and evaluating electrical connections. Once we identify the issue, we provide accurate and transparent recommendations for repairs. Whether it’s replacing worn-out parts, repairing leaks, or addressing electrical issues, we use high-quality parts and advanced techniques to ensure lasting performance. Trust us to keep you cool during hot summer days with our expert auto air conditioning service in San Diego!

Air Filters

Our air filter service is intended to keep your vehicle’s engine running smoothly and efficiently. We specialize in diagnosing and addressing common air filter issues to ensure optimal performance. Air filters are prone to a variety of problems, including dirt-related clogs, contaminants, and debris. These pollutants can restrict airflow to the engine and reduce fuel efficiency. Our experienced car repair technicians conduct a thorough inspection of the air filter, checking for signs of clogging or damage. To troubleshoot and repair air filter problems, we start by assessing the condition of the filter and determining if cleaning or replacement is necessary. If the filter is clogged, we clean or replace it with a high-quality filter to restore proper airflow and engine performance. We prioritize quality and reliability in every service we offer.


Our alternator service is essential for ensuring your vehicle’s electrical system functions optimally. Some of the most common issues we encounter with alternators include worn-out brushes, faulty diodes, and belt tension problems. These issues can lead to dimming lights, a dead battery, or difficulty starting your vehicle. Your experienced mechanic will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the alternator and look for signs of wear, damage, or malfunction. We start the diagnostic process by testing the charging system to determine if the alternator is generating sufficient voltage. If the alternator is faulty, we perform repairs or replace it with a high-quality alternator to restore proper electrical function.


Your car’s battery is another vital part of the electrical system. When it’s not working at its best (or not working at all), you’ll be left with a problem that must be resolved immediately. Your mechanic in San Diego can diagnose and resolve all common battery issues to get you back on the road with confidence. We often see electrical system faults, corroded terminals, dead batteries, and weak batteries. If you’re experiencing intermittent electrical failure, dimming lights, or having trouble starting your car, we’ll conduct a thorough battery inspection. Our team will check for signs of insufficient voltage levels, damage, or wear. If we find the battery to be faulty, we’ll replace it with a high-quality battery that meets or exceeds your manufacturer’s specifications. We’ll also ensure a secure electrical connection by cleaning and servicing terminal corrosion.

Brake Service

As a driver, the most important thing you can do is to operate your vehicle safely. To keep your car safe and help it perform at its best, professional brake service is essential. We’ll keep your brakes in optimal condition by diagnosing and addressing any problem. Some of the most common brake issues include brake rotor damage, brake fluid leaks, or worn brake pads, which can lead to grinding or squealing sounds, brake pedal pulsation, or diminished brake performance. We conduct thorough inspections, check for signs of wear or leaks, and make sure your brake fluid is at the proper level. We’ll begin by assessing the condition of the calipers, rotors, and brake pads. If we find damaged or worn components, we’ll use high-quality replacement parts for all repairs and replacements to ensure brake safety and performance.

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System)

Our ABS service checks for faulty sensors, damaged wiring, or malfunctioning ABS modules. If you have these issues, you might notice an ABS warning light, reduced braking effectiveness, or failure of the ABS. We’ll use a diagnostic scan to identify specific issues and make all repairs or replacements in a timely manner.

Brake Hoses and Lines

Brake hose and line service is crucial for maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of your vehicle’s braking system. From leaks and cracks to corrosion and beyond, our experienced technicians know just what to look for during their thorough inspections of the brake hoses, fittings, and lines – including deterioration, wear, or damage. You may have a brake line or hose issue if you’re noticing brake fluid loss, brake system failure, or reduced braking performance. We always use the highest-quality hoses and lines to restore your brake function.

Brake Drums and Rotors or Discs

We keep you safe on the road by checking for scoring, warping, or wear on these critical brake components. If your car is vibrating while braking, you’ve noticed reduced stopping power, or you feel like the car is braking unevenly, one of these parts is likely to blame. We will thoroughly inspect, check for damage or wear, and measure the thickness of the rotors or drums before resurfacing or replacing with high-quality parts.

Brake Pads

Brake pads are prone to noise, uneven wear, or general deterioration, which can lead to longer stopping distances, grinding or squealing noises, or diminished braking efficiency. We’ll check for signs of wear, measure the thickness of the pads, and determine whether or not they are worn beyond safe limits. If we need to replace them, we’ll use the finest brake pads for your safety and your car’s overall performance.

Catalytic Converters

Our catalytic converter service is essential for maintaining emissions compliance and optimal engine performance in your vehicle. We frequently see problems like overheating, damage from contaminants and impact, or clogging. These common issues can cause engine misfires, increased emissions, or reduced engine power. We’ll check for wear, damage, and malfunction, perform diagnostic testing to assess converter efficiency, and complete any necessary repairs or replacements to thoroughly restore and repair your vehicle.

Chassis & Suspension

If you want to maintain a smooth, comfortable ride or take care of diminished stability, poor handling, or a rough ride, our chassis and suspension service is the solution. Common problems include misaligned wheels, uneven tire wear, or worn-out struts or shocks. We’ll start with diagnostic testing and measurements, replace worn-out shocks, realign wheels, address suspension issues, and use high-quality parts to restore optimal handling and ride quality.


When smooth, efficient shifting is a priority in your manual transmission vehicle, our clutch service comes to the rescue. We’ll check for signs of malfunction, wear, or damage, which typically means addressing hydraulic fluid leaks, worn clutch discs, or clutch slippage. If you’re having trouble with a lack of responsiveness during acceleration or having trouble shifting gears, bring your car in for diagnostics and repair. We’ll use the finest parts to restore smooth, precise clutch operation.

Engine Repair

Keeping your car’s engine in good shape is crucial because it serves as the heart of the vehicle, powering all its functions and ensuring smooth performance. Timely repairs don’t only extend the engine’s lifespan, but also contribute to overall safety and reliability on the road. Whether you’re dealing with poor fuel efficiency, misfires, oil leaks, engine knocking, overheating, or another problem altogether, our experienced mechanics are prepared and delighted to solve any problem. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and techniques to address and resolve issues big and small.

Camshaft & Crankshaft

The camshaft and crankshaft play vital roles in the engine’s operation, coordinating the timing of fuel intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust to ensure optimal performance. These components can become worn, misaligned, or suffer bearing damage. If the problem isn’t addressed promptly, you’ll notice engine noise, decreased power, rough idling, or even engine failure. We thoroughly inspect the camshaft, crankshaft, bearings, and other related components with our advanced techniques and diagnostic tools, replace worn components, perform precise machining, and get your engine back in good working order.

Cylinder Block

The engine cylinder block forms the foundation of the engine. It houses the cylinders where combustion occurs and provides support for various components, including the crankshaft, pistons, and valves. The cylinder block is prone to coolant leaks, warping, and cracks, which can lead to compression loss, engine overheating, and engine damage. We’ll check for signs of a problem, perform pressure tests, complete precise machining, resurface warped surfaces, repair cracks, replace damaged components, and do everything your cylinder block needs to get it back in tip-top shape.


The pistons convert the energy from fuel combustion into mechanical motion, moving up and down inside the cylinders to generate power. If you’ve noticed increased oil consumption, reduced engine power, or even engine damage, you might have a piston problem. Common piston issues include piston damage as a result of overheating, piston slapping, or worn piston rings. We’ll perform an in-depth inspection, pinpoint the root cause of the issue(s), and get right to work on our professional repairs.

Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are responsible for generating the spark needed to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, ensuring efficient engine operation and fuel combustion. Some of the most frequently-noted spark plug problems include fouling, carbon buildup, or worn electrodes, which can cause decreased fuel efficiency, engine hesitation, rough idling, or misfires. Our mechanics will test the spark plugs’ gap and condition, clean them, re-gap them, and/or replace them with high-quality parts to restore optimal performance of the ignition.

Engine Replacement

Our San Diego engine replacement service is a critical solution for resolving severe engine issues that cannot be fixed through traditional repairs. We specialize in diagnosing and addressing complex engine problems to ensure your vehicle’s performance and longevity. The most common issues that may require engine replacement include catastrophic engine failure, extensive internal damage, and components that are worn beyond repair. These issues can result in engine knocking, loss of power, excessive oil consumption, and increased emissions. Our experienced technicians conduct a thorough assessment of the engine, using advanced diagnostic tools to determine the extent of the damage.

At Coronado Shell, we only recommend engine replacement in San Diego when we are absolutely certain it is necessary and cost-effective. We prioritize transparency and integrity in our recommendations, ensuring that you have all the information needed to make informed decisions about your vehicle’s repairs. It’s crucial to trust reputable professionals like us for engine replacement because it involves intricate procedures and precise installation to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Our team has the expertise, experience, and resources to handle engine replacements with precision and care, giving you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in capable hands.

Fluid Exchanges

Fluid exchange is a key component in routine vehicle maintenance. Whether you need an oil change or replacement of coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, or transmission fluid, our team is here to help. Over time, these fluids can degrade, become contaminated, or lose their effectiveness, leading to poor performance and potential damage to components. We use advanced diagnostic tools to determine the condition of each fluid and recommend the appropriate fluid exchange procedure based on manufacturer specifications and industry best practices. At Coronado Shell, we approach each fluid exchange with precision and care.

Transmission Fluid Service

Transmission fluid works to lubricate moving parts, cool the transmission, and transfer power from the engine to the wheels to ensure smooth gear shifts and overall transmission performance. Whether you simply have an improper fluid level or you have a more serious problem, like a fluid leak or contamination, we’re here to take care of the problem swiftly. Signs of a transmission fluid problem include transmission overheating, transmission damage, slipping gears, or rough shifting. Our service begins with a fluid flush or exchange using high-quality transmission fluid. We’ll also check for leaks or component damage before completing the service and getting you back behind the wheel.

Brake Fluid Service

Brake fluid transmits hydraulic pressure from the brake pedal to the brake calipers or wheel cylinders to ensure vehicle safety and facilitate effective braking. We often see fluid leaks, moisture buildup, or contamination, which can cause brake pedal sponginess, reduced braking performance, or even brake system failure. Our service includes a thorough brake fluid flush or exchange using premium brake fluid. We’ll also inspect for any leaks or damage to components before finishing the service, ensuring your safety and getting you back on the road with confidence.

Power Steering Fluid Service

Power steering fluid lubricates components, transfers hydraulic pressure, and helps the steering wheel turn with ease to enhance vehicle maneuverability and driver comfort. Your car could have an incorrect fluid level or a more severe problem like contamination or a fluid leak. Symptoms of power steering fluid problems can include difficulty steering, squealing noises, or fluid leaks under the vehicle. Our service starts with a comprehensive power steering fluid flush or exchange using top-grade fluid. We’ll also conduct a thorough inspection to identify any leaks or damage to components before finalizing the service and ensuring your vehicle’s steering system operates smoothly and safely.

Coolant Service

Coolant helps regulate engine temperature by absorbing heat from the engine and dissipating it through the radiator. This ensures optimal engine performance and prevents overheating. Coolant can leak, levels can be insufficient, or the coolant can become contaminated, which can lead to engine overheating, coolant system failure, and potential engine damage if not addressed promptly. Our experienced mechanics will flush and exchange the coolant, check for leaks, rule out component damage, and complete the job in a timely manner so you can be back behind the wheel in no time.

Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors atomize and inject the precise amount of fuel into the combustion chambers at the right time. This process ensures efficient fuel combustion, optimal engine performance, and reduced emissions. Fuel injectors also help maintain fuel economy and power output by adjusting the fuel delivery according to engine load and operating conditions. When fuel injectors become clogged, leaky, or begin spraying improperly, the result can be emissions increases, poor fuel economy, reduced power, or engine misfire. We’ll thoroughly check for wear, contamination, or malfunction before cleaning and/or replacing with high-quality parts.

Hybrid Vehicle Services

Hybrid vehicles have become more and more prevalent, which means it’s become more important than ever for mechanics to stay up-to-date on the latest automotive innovations and seek the necessary education to perform repairs effectively. At our San Diego automotive repair shop, we are experts in servicing these advanced vehicles to ensure they run smoothly and effectively. In hybrids, the battery can degrade, warning lights can appear, electric motors can malfunction, and more. These issues can cause driveability concerns, or reduced fuel economy. Using our specialized diagnostic tools, knowledge, and manufacturer-recommended procedures we’ll get to the root cause of any problem. All repairs will be completed efficiently and properly.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are important to maintain engine health, prevent wear and tear, and ensure optimal vehicle performance. The most common issues we encounter due to neglected oil changes include engine wear, sludge buildup, and decreased fuel efficiency. These issues can lead to engine overheating, reduced performance, and potential engine damage if they aren’t addressed promptly. Our experienced technicians conduct thorough and quick oil changes, replacing the old oil with high-quality oil and a new filter. We also perform oil leak inspections and check for signs of oil contamination or inadequate lubrication, and we also provide recommendations for oil change intervals based on your vehicle’s manufacturer specifications and driving conditions.


The radiator dissipates heat from the engine coolant, which helps regulate the engine’s operating temperature and prevents overheating. We specialize in diagnosing and addressing common radiator issues to ensure your engine stays cool and performs at its best. We frequently see coolant leaks, radiator fan malfunctions, and radiator corrosion, which lead to symptoms like coolant loss, potential engine damage, and engine overheating. We’ll conduct a thorough radiator inspection to check for signs of damage, leaks, or wear. We begin by performing a coolant exchange or radiator flush, then check for leaks, hose damage, or radiator fan malfunctions. Our comprehensive radiator service will keep your engine cool and your vehicle running smoothly.

Shocks & Struts

Shocks and struts work together to absorb shocks from road imperfections, enhance ride comfort, and improve vehicle stability and handling. We are skilled at diagnosing and resolving any shock and strut problem to keep your vehicle performing at its best. From worn-out components to leaking shocks to strut mount problems, we know exactly how to diagnose and repair the issue. If you’re noticing poor handling, decreased stability, or a bumpy ride, bring your car to Coronado Shell. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection to check for wear or leaks using our diagnostic equipment and tried-and-true techniques. After replacing worn-out shocks, addressing leaks, and/or repairing strut mounts, we’ll have your vehicle driving smoothly once again.

Timing Belts

The timing belt helps synchronize the engine’s components to ensure efficient and smooth operation of the engine. We are familiar with the notorious belt wear, tension issues, and timing belt failure that can cause engine misfires, reduced performance, or even engine damage. We’ll check the timing belt for signs of wear, improper tension, or cracks. We’ll also give you details about your manufacturer’s recommended replacement intervals in case it’s simply time for a preventive replacement. After checking and adjusting belt tension, inspecting all components, and ensuring proper installation, you’ll be back to enjoying reliable engine performance.

Tire Rotations

Tire rotation is crucial for ensuring even tire wear, improving tire longevity, and maintaining optimal vehicle handling and performance. Tire imbalance, uneven tread wear, or alignment problems can cause decreased fuel efficiency, poor road handling, and a shorter tire lifespan – which means tire rotation is a prudent investment for every car owner. Our experienced technicians conduct a comprehensive tire inspection, checking for signs of wear, tread depth, and tire pressure. We perform rotations at manufacturer-recommended intervals, or when uneven wear is noticed. We also check and adjust tire pressure, inspect tire tread depth, and ensure proper balance and alignment for the sake of your safety and your car’s performance.

Transmission Repair

The transmission is an essential component that ensures smooth shifting and optimal performance. Drivers often report rough shifting, transmission warning lights, transmission fluid leaks, or slipping gears when their transmission starts to experience problems. Left unchecked, these issues can lead to transmission damage, reduced fuel efficiency, or drivability concerns. Our mechanics conduct thorough inspections and diagnostic procedures before getting to work on any necessary San Diego transmission repair tasks.

Transmission Filter

The transmission filter keeps your transmission fluid clean and free of debris. This ensures smooth shifting and optimal performance. When this filter becomes clogged, the fluid becomes contaminated, or improper filtration occurs, you might experience poor transmission performance, erratic shifting, or transmission damage. Our mechanics will assess for signs of clogs, damage, or wear, then install a replacement filter and replace the transmission fluid. We also check for any underlying transmission issues while we’re completing this filter change.

Transmission Fluid Cooler

The transmission cooler helps keep the transmission from overheating and helps maintain optimal transmission fluid temperature. This component is prone to coolant leaks, corrosion, or clogs, which can cause transmission damage, poor transmission performance, or an increase in transmission fluid temperature. We check for signs of leaks, damage, or clogs during our inspection, troubleshoot the issue, perform cleaning or replacement of the component, and restore proper transmission performance and fluid cooling.

Transmission Solenoids

When customers come to us for transmission repair in San Diego, we find solenoids to be a common source of issues like rough shifting, transmission slippage, or delayed gear engagement. Fluid contamination, solenoid valve sticking, and electrical failures are also common signs of a solenoid problem. To troubleshoot and repair transmission solenoid problems, we use advanced diagnostic equipment to test the electrical signals and functionality of each solenoid. Depending on the issue, we may perform solenoid replacement, cleaning, or repair to restore proper transmission operation. We also check for any underlying transmission issues that may contribute to solenoid problems before completing your in-depth service.

Torque Converter

The torque converter transmits power from the engine to the transmission, which allows for efficient, smooth gear shifting. Torque converter performance can suffer from internal component wear, lock-up issues, or fluid leaks, leading to delayed gear engagement, diminished fuel efficiency, or transmission slipping. To troubleshoot and repair torque converter problems, we start by performing a diagnostic scan to identify any fault codes related to the torque converter. Depending on the issue, we may perform torque converter repair or replacement to restore proper function and transmission performance. We also check for any underlying transmission issues that may contribute to torque converter problems.

Transmission Replacement

In certain cases, our experienced mechanics will encounter a transmission that has significant internal damage or is simply beyond repair. In these cases, our pros will deem replacement necessary to restore optimal performance. Transmission fluid contamination or severe component wear can lead to rough shifting, transmission slipping, or complete transmission failure. We will conduct a thorough diagnostic evaluation to determine whether or not a transmission replacement is the best course of action for you. After delivering our professional advice, we’ll remove the old transmission and install a high-quality replacement that you can depend on for countless years and miles. Coronado Shell prioritizes quality and reliability in every service we offer.

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